Applied Ecology specialises in:

Environmental investigation and management

Ecological design and mapping advocacy

Consultation and government liaison
education and training

Planning advice, report preparation and project management

PLANNING & CONSULTATION Before commencing any project, Applied Ecology’s staff will compile a review of project/site constraints and values and legislative requirements. This enables us to develop a variety of management plans and/or designs that provide the best possible ecological outcomes within your budget.

ASSESSMENT The staff at Applied Ecology can provide a range of ecological assessments that can be incorporated into a monitoring program, or used to inform a range of legislative requirements.

GIS & DESIGN Applied Ecology draws on the information collected during the planning and assessment phases to inform the design process or mapping. Applied ecology can source datasets, capture data, manipulate data sources to create unique geospatial solutions. We are able to create customised maps (published and digital) that represent your datasets. Integrating GIS into projects allows us and our clients to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualise data.

APPROVALS Applied Ecology can help with the final stages of the design process by identifying and completing all documentation for your Development Application (DA).

Applied Ecology has  key relationships with industry partners including engineers, surveyors, geologists, fluvio-geomorphologists, landscape architects, earthworks contractors, landscape and bush regeneration contractors, or we are happy to work with clients’ own partners to make your entire project a success.