Project: Duck River Waterways Maintenance and Rehabilitation Master Plan

Client: Parramatta City Council 2012

In order to develop a consistent and agreed maintenance and regeneration program for the Duck River Catchment, a ‘Waterways Maintenance and Rehabilitation Master Plan’ was required by  Parramatta City Council. Applied Ecology prepared a Master Plan designed to be the primary guiding document in the management of the Duck River catchment and provided a framework and foundation for the necessary collaboration between the relevant state and local government authorities for the associated maintenance and rehabilitation planning and works.  Preparation of the plan included a detailed review of past land uses, past and current management regimens, cultural heritage assets, community consultation and workshops and detailed mapping of: * comparative land use, with typical cross-sections for each reach; * geomorphic features (bank type, pools, erosion points, deposition zones, bed material etc); * stream behaviour and processing zones, existing bank structure/works, floodplain limits; * vegetation associations, aquatic flora and fauna, level of weed infestation, significant snags, vegetation blockages * physical features/structures, barriers; * stormwater outlets, including piped and open channel drainage within the catchment (location, impact, litter loads, scour etc). Ultimately the Master Plan aimed to document desirable and achievable outcomes for the waterway overlaid with actions to bring the “vision” to fruition. projects2