Meredith holds a Master of Science (Hons) in Integrated Catchment Management and a Doctorate in Eco-hydromorphology, and has over 18 years experience in government, commercial and educational sectors of the environmental industry. Meredith specialises in the design and implementation of ecological restoration projects, mapping of ecosystem components and liaison with government, non-government, and private sector organisations. Meredith has a position as Adjunct Research Fellow with University of Western Sydney (Hawkesbury), studying aquatic population ecology and land use management impacts on aquatic communities.  She has ongoing involvement in research areas including instream bioremediation processes, effective reuse of wastewater, sustainable resource utilisation and improving ecosystem resilience against the effects of climate change. Meredith emphasises the importance of practicality in environmental design solutions and has completed several practical TAFE courses including Conservation Earthworks and Conservation and Land Management.